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Friday, September 22, 2006

Brian Lehrer talks to Iris Weinshall and Noah Budnick

Brian Lehrer talks about bike lanes and safety [14M MP3 file] on his show on WNYC. Not a bad talk. The "Bicyclist Injury and Fatality" Study has just been released. Relatively sane. DoT Commissioner Weinshall says "our goal is to keep the traffic moving at a reasonable pace."

Some other interesting items: she makes a defense of one-way streets, Budnick stresses health benefits of cycling. The helmet law is discussed. TA fears it will decrease cycling, and the more bikes on the street, the safer it is for them. Brian brings up the anti-bike-lane argument, too. See "Effective Cycling". Budnick doesn't like the idea.

And this gem: Chuck Schumer's an avid cyclist. Who knew? He complains to his wife, DoT Commissioner Weinshall, about the quality of bike lanes!

(Link via Transportation Alternatives)

See also: this talk with Ryan Russo, New York City Department of Transportation's Director for Street Management and Safety, over at StreetsBlog. He's a user of the bicycle as well. This is a photograph of his bicycle:

Russo's bike

That's an OK lock. Not great. If you'd ever seen someone break one of those with a 2x4 you'd be less confident in the standard U-lock. Also, what about the back wheel? I shall have to bring the matter up if I ever meet Mr. Russo.


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