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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Note on a bike

Note, written on a piece of cloth and tied to a green bike that's been rusting on the bike rack for about 2 years.

The note explains that the bike isn't abndoned, the lock is just frozen. The other bike that the frozen lock is holding can be thrown away, but the owner will "fix up" the green one, presumably after someone else removes the lock.

The owner must live on the block. He must see the bikes every day, one stripped of wheels and rusted to death, the other one appearing to be in good shape, but with moving parts rusted into one solid piece. What is the psychological toll of watching a bike rust away and get stripped of parts? I can barely take it, and it's not even my machine.

I'm going to leave a note offering to help with the lock. I bet it can be opened with enough oil and the key.


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